About Us:

 The "Triple-Cities" chapter of BMFUSA 
                     was established in 1995 in 
the greater "Binghamton - Owego, New York" region.

2019 Principal Officers:

Eric Strong, Paul Gabel, and Charles Searles, Sr.
Current Chapter Chaplain: Rev. Dann E. Travis

Regular Meetings - and Events:

  • Monthly, Third Saturdays  Business Men's Breakfast/Luncheon/Dinner with Speakers.  (see current event announcements for occasional day and venue changes)
  • Friday morning Bible study/discussion groups with Eric Strong leading. (Contact Eric for details)
  • Periodic Workshops Open to the General Public

Media Public Outreach:
   The "Men Who Change" Christian Testimony production, 
         distributed via TV, Internet, DVDs and other media.
                    See: MenWhoChange.com

Members' Businesses / Occupations:
Real Estate Sales, Psychology, Video Productions, Paving Contracting & Flooring, Rehabilitation Administration, Custom Motorcycles, Author, Musician, Products Delivery, etc.

 Local Church Participation:

Local Church membership is a requirement for a membership in the Business Men’s Fellowship.  Many of us serve as board members, elders, and leaders supporting the work of the church we attend.  Our desire is to see the local church grow because its businessmen are fulfilling God’s call. 

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